Medical Entrance Exams 2020-21 Entrance Test for MBBS & Medical Courses

List of Medical Entrance Exams 2020-21 in India is provided here. Medical Entrance Exam is the way to get admission in Medical and Dental Programs of various national and state-level universities and colleges. All Entrance Tests for MBBS and other medical courses are listed below.  There are so many National level and State level Medical Entrance Exams for UG / PG Medical programs. Various medical colleges are conducting college-level medical entrance tests to fill the medical seats in their colleges. Medical exam dates and due dates to submit application form for Medical and dental programs are provided.

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After Engineering, The “Medical field” is one of the best, respected and reputed professional fields in India and abroad.

Medical Entrance Exams 2020 and 2021

Entrance TestNotificationExam DateAdmit CardResultSyllabusPrevious PapersAnswer Key
NEETNEET Notification 2020May 3, 2020NEET Admit CardNEET ResultNEET SyllabusNEET Previous PapersNEET Answer Key
AFMCAFMC Notification 20201st week of August 2020AFMC Admit CardAFMC  ResultAFMC SyllabusAFMC Previous PapersAFMC Answer Key
AICEEAICEE Notification 2020February 2020AICEE Admit CardAICEE  ResultAICEE SyllabusAICEE Previous PapersAICEE Answer Key
AICETAICET Notification 20203rd week of January 2020AICET Admit CardAICET ResultAICET SyllabusAICET Previous PapersAICET Answer Key
AIETAIET Notification 20202nd week of June 2020AIET Admit CardAIET ResultAIET SyllabusAIET Previous PapersAIET Answer Key
AIIMSAIIMS Notification 20202nd week April 2020AIIMS Admit CardAIIMS ResultAIIMS SyllabusAIIMS Previous PapersAIIMS Answer Key
AIPGMEEAIPGMEE Notification 2020January 5th, 2020AIPGMEE Admit CardAIPGMEE  ResultAIPGMEE  SyllabusAIPGMEE  Previous PapersAIPGMEE  Answer Key
AIPMTAIPMT Notification 20203rd May 2020AIPMT Admit CardAIPMT ResultAIPMT SyllabusAIPMT Previous PapersAIPMT Answer Key
AIPVTAIPVT Notification 20201st week of May 2020AIPVT Admit CardAIPVT ResultAIPVT SyllabusAIPVT Previous PapersAIPVT Answer Key
AMUPMDCAMUPMDC Entrance Exam Notification 2020May 2020AMUPMDC Admit CardAMUPMDC  ResultAMUPMDC  SyllabusAMUPMDC  Previous PapersAMUPMDC  Answer Key
APPGAPPG Notification 20201st week of  January 2020APPG Admit CardAPPG ResultAPPG SyllabusAPPG Previous PapersAPPG Answer Key
ARSNETARS NET Notification 20202nd week of April 2020ARSNET Admit CardARSNET ResultARSNET SyllabusARSNET Previous PapersARSNET Answer Key
AU AIMEEAU AIMEE Notification 20201st week of June 2020AU AIMEE Admit CardAU AIMEE ResultAU AIMEE SyllabusAU AIMEE Previous PapersAU AIMEE Answer Key
BHU GNMBHU GNM Notification 20202nd week of July 2020BHU GNM Admit CardBHU GNM ResultBHU GNM SyllabusBHU GNM Previous PapersBHU GNM Answer Key
BHU PMTBHU PMT Notification 2020May 2020BHU PMT Admit CardBHU PMT ResultBHU PMT SyllabusBHU PMT Previous PapersBHU PMT Answer Key
BLDE UGETBLDE UGET Notification 20204th week of May 2020BLDE UGET Admit CardBLDE UGET ResultBLDE UGET SyllabusBLDE UGET Previous PapersBLDE UGET Answer Key
CETPPMCCETPPMC Notification 2020May 30,31 2020CETPPMC Admit CardCETPPMC ResultCETPPMC SyllabusCETPPMC Previous PapersCETPPMC Answer Key
CMC VelloreCMC Vellore Notification 2020Based on NEET UGCMC Vellore Admit CardCMC Vellore ResultCMC Vellore SyllabusCMC Vellore Previous PapersCMC Vellore Answer Key
COMEDK UGETCOMEDK UGET Notification 2020May 10, 2020COMEDK UGET Admit CardCOMEDK UGET ResultCOMEDK UGET SyllabusCOMEDK UGET Previous PapersCOMEDK UGET Answer Key
COMEDK PGETCOMEDK PGET Notification 20203rd week of January 2020COMEDK PGET Admit CardCOMEDK PGET ResultCOMEDK PGET SyllabusCOMEDK PGET Previous PapersCOMEDK PGET Answer Key
DU PGMETDU PGMET Notification 20202nd week of June 2020DU PGMET Admit CardDU PGMET ResultDU PGMET  SyllabusDU PGMET  Previous PapersDU PGMET  Answer Key
DUMETDUMET Notification 20203rd week of May 2020DUMET Admit CardDUMET ResultDUMET SyllabusDUMET Previous PapersDUMET Answer Key
EAMCET MedicalEAMCET Medical Notification 20204th week of April 2020EAMCET Medical Admit CardEAMCET Medical ResultEAMCET Medical SyllabusEAMCET Medical Previous PapersEAMCET Medical Answer Key
Goa CETGOA CET Notification 2020Last week of March 2020GOA CET Admit CardGOA CET ResultGOA CET SyllabusGOA CET Previous PapersGOA CET Answer Key
GUJCETGUJCET Notification 2020March 31st, 2020GUJCET Admit CardGUJCET ResultGUJCET SyllabusGUJCET Previous PapersGUJCET Answer Key
HP CPMTHP CPMT Notification 2020Last week of May 2020HP CPMT Admit CardHP CPMT ResultHP CPMT SyllabusHP CPMT Previous PapersHP CPMT Answer Key
JCECEJCECE Notification 2020Last week of May 2020JCECE Admit CardJCECE ResultJCECE SyllabusJCECE Previous PapersJCECE Answer Key
JIPMERJIPMER Notification 20202nd week of June  2020JIPMER Admit CardJIPMER ResultJIPMER SyllabusJIPMER Previous PapersJIPMER Answer Key
JNU CBEEJNU CBEE Notification 2020Dec 2019JNU CEEB Admit cardJNU CEEB ResultJNU CEEB SyllabusJNU CEEB Previous PapersJNU CEEB Answer Key
JSSU UGETJSSU UGET Notification 2020May/June, 2020JSSU UGET Admit CardJSSU UGET ResultJSSU UGET SyllabusJSSU UGET Previous PapersJSSU UGET Answer Key
KCETKCET Notification 2020April 29,30 2020KCET Admit CardKCET ResultKCET SyllabusKCET Previous PapersKCET Answer Key
KEAMKEAM Notification 20204th week of April 2020KEAM Admit CardKEAM ResultKEAM SyllabusKEAM Previous PapersKEAM Answer Key
KLE PGAIETKLE PGAIET Notification 20203rd week of June 2020KLE PGAIET Admit CardKLE PGAIET ResultKLE PGAIET SyllabusKLE PGAIET Previous PapersKLE PGAIET Answer Key
Manipal UGETManipal UGET Notification 2020Last week of April 2020Manipal UGET Admit CardManipal UGET ResultManipal UGET SyllabusManipal UGET Previous PapersManipal UGET Answer Key
MHT CETMHT CET Notification 202013-17th April, 2020MHT CET Admit CardMHT CET ResultMHT CET SyllabusMHT CET Previous PapersMHT CET Answer Key
MP DMATMP DMAT Notification 2020Last week of June 2020MP DMAT Admit CardMP DMAT ResultMP DMAT SyllabusMP DMAT Previous PapersMP DMAT Answer Key
NAARM SRF PGSNAARM SRF PGS Notification 2020January 31st 2020NAARM SRF PGS Admit cardNAARM SRF PGS ResultNAARM SRF PGS SyllabusNAARM SRF PGS Previous PapersNAARM SRF PGS Answer Key
NUUGETNUUGET Notification 20203rd May 2020NUUGET Admit CardNUUGET ResultNUUGET SyllabusNUUGET Previous PapersNUUGET Answer Key
PIMSPIMS Entrance Exam Notification 20202nd week of May 2020PIMS Admit CardPIMS ResultPIMS SyllabusPIMS Previous PapersPIMS Answer Key
PMETPMET Notification 2020July 14, 2019PMET Admit CardPMET ResultPMET SyllabusPMET Previous PapersPMET Answer Key
SBVUMCETSBVUMCET Notification 2020Last week of May 2020SBVUMCET Admit CardSBVUMCET  ResultSBVUMCET  SyllabusSBVUMCET  Previous PapersSBVUMCET  Answer Key
UPCATUPCAT Notification 2020October 2020UPCAT Admit CardUPCAT ResultUPCAT SyllabusUPCAT Previous PapersUPCAT Answer Key
UPCPMTUPCPMT Notification 20204th week of May 2020UPCPMT Admit CardUPCPMT ResultUPCPMT SyllabusUPCPMT Previous PapersUPCPMT Answer Key
UPMTUPMT Notification 2020May 2020UPMT Admit CardUPMT ResultUPMT SyllabusUPMT Previous PapersUPMT Answer Key
VMU AICEEVMU AICEE Notification 20202nd week of May 2020VMU AICEE Admit CardVMU AICEE ResultVMU AICEE SyllabusVMU AICEE Previous PapersVMU AICEE Answer Key
WBJEEWBJEE Notification 2020April 19, 2020WBJEE Admit CardWBJEE ResultWBJEE SyllabusWBJEE Previous PapersWBJEE Answer Key

Medical Entrance Exams 2019 and 2020

Following medical/dental entrance exams will be held for 2019 and 2020 admission in MBBS, BDS and other Medical Programs of various medical colleges.

List of Medical Entrance Exams In IndiaExam Date
NEETNational Entrance cum Eligibility TestMay 5, 2019
AFMCArmed Forces Medical College Entrance ExamAugust 1, 2019
AICEEAll India Common Entrance Examination2nd week of May 2019
AICETAll India Common Entrance Test3rd week of January 2019
AIETAll India level Entrance Test2nd week of June 2019
AIIMSAll India Institute of Medical SciencesMay 25, 26 2019
AIPGMEEAll India Post Graduate Medical Entrance Examination
AIPMTAll India Pre-Medical/ Pre-Dental Entrance Test1st week of May 2019
AIPVTAll India Pre-Veterinary TestMay 9, 2019
AMUPMDC Entrance ExamAssociation of Managements of Unaided Private Medical and Dental Colleges Entrance ExaminationMay 2019
APPGAndhra Pradesh PG Medical Entrance ExamJanuary 6, 2019
ARS NETAgricultural Research Service and National Eligibility Test2nd week of April 2019
AU AIMEEAnnamalai University All India Medical Entrance Exam1st week of June 2019
BHU GNMBanaras Hindu University (BHU) Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery Entrance Test2nd week of July 2019
BHU PMT 2019Banaras Hindu University Pre Medical TestMay 2019
BLDE UGETBLDE University Under Graduate Entrance Test4th week of May 2019
CETPPMCCommon Entrance Test for Pondicherry Private Medical CollegesMay 27, 2019
CMC Vellore 2019Christian Medical College, VelloreBased on NEET UG
COMEDK UGET 2019The consortium of Medical, Engineering and Dental Colleges of KarnatakaMay 12, 2019
COMEDK PGETThe consortium of Medical Engineering and Dental Colleges of Karnataka Post Graduate Medical Entrance Test (COMEDK PGET)3rd week of January 2019
DU PGMETDelhi University Post Graduate Medical/Dental Entrance Test2nd week of June 2019
DUMETDelhi University Medical / Dental Entrance Test3rd week of May 2019
EAMCET MedicalEngineering, Agriculture and Medicine Common Entrance Test4th week of April 2019
GOA CET 2019Goa Common Entrance TestMay 7, 2019
GUJCET 2019Gujarat Common Entrance Test for MBBS BDS AdmissionApril 23, 2019
HP CPMTHimachal Pradesh Combined Pre Medical TestLast week of May 2019
JCECEJharkhand Combined Entrance Competitive ExaminationLast week of May 2019
JIPMER 2019Jawaharlal Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and ResearchJune 2, 2019
JNU CBEEJNU Combined Biotechnology Entrance ExamDec 30, 2018
JSSU UGET JSS University Mysore UG Medical & Dental AdmissionMay 5, 2019
KCET 2019Karnataka Common Entrance TestApril 18, 19 2019
KEAMKerala Engineering Architecture Medical Examination4th week of April 2019
KLE PGAIET 2019 KLE University Post-Graduate All India Entrance Test3rd week of June 2019
Manipal UGETManipal Undergraduate Entrance testMay 5, 2019
MHT CETGovernment of Maharashtra, State Common Entrance TestMay 2 -13 2019
MHT CET 2019Maharashtra Common Entrance TestMay 2 -13 2019
MP DMATMadhya Pradesh All India Dental & Medical Admission TestJuly 8, 2019
NAARM SRF PGSNational Academy of Agricultural Research Management Indian Council of Agricultural Research Senior Research Fellowship
NITTE University Under Graduate Entrance TestMarch 12, 2019
PIMS Entrance ExamPravara Institute of Medical Sciences Entrance ExamMay 7, 2019
PMETPunjab Medical Entrance TestJuly 14, 2019
SBVUMCETSri Balaji Vidyapeeth University of  Medical Common Entrance TestJune 30, 2019
UPCATUttar Pradesh Common Admission Test
UPCPMTUttar Pradesh Combined Pre Medical Test4th week of May 2019
UPMTUttarakhand Common Pre Medical Entrance Test
VMU AICEEVinayaka Missions University All India Common Entrance Examination2nd week of May 2019
WBJEEWest Bengal Joint Entrance Exam MedicalApril 22, 2019

UG Medical & Dental Entrance Exams 2019 – (MBBS Entrance Exams, BDS & other courses)

Following Medical Entrance exams will be held for 2019 admission.

Name of UG Medical / Dental ExamDate of Exam
AIIMS MBBSMay 25 – May 26, 2019
JIPMER MBBSJune 02, 2019
NEETMay 05, 2019

Previous PG Medical Entrance Exams 2016, 2017 & 2018

Most of the previously held PG medical entrance exams have been replaced by NEET PG. The following table contains PG medical & dental entrance exams that are being conducted for 2017, 2018-19.

Name of PG Medical / Dental ExamDate Of Exam
AIIMS PGDM / M.CH / Fellowship Prog / MD(HOSPITAL ADMIN) – 05-11-2016
MD / MS / M.CH (6 YEARS) / DM (6 YEARS) / MDS – 13-11-2016
DNB CET02-07-2016
DNB CET SS29-11-2016
DNB PDCET29-11-2016
JIPMER PG MD/MS11-12-2016
NEET PG5-12-2016 to 13-12-2016
NEET MDS30-11-2016 to 3-12-2016
NEET SS10-06-2017
NIMHANS25 & 26-03-2017
PGIMER MD / MS20-11-2016
SCTIMST Entrance Exam01-11-2016 to 22-12-2016

Veterinary Entrance Exams

  • All India Pre Veterinary Test (AIPVT)
  • Karnataka Veterinary, Animal and Fisheries Sciences University (KVAFSU) PG Admission
  • MP Pre Fisheries Test(PFT)
  • Rajasthan Pre Veterinary Test (RPVT)
  • UP Veterinary Entrance Exam – DUVASU, Mathura

List of UG / PG Medical Courses after 12th

Following are the medical courses after 12th class to turn your career into the Medical field. Under graduation courses in Medical along with course, duration are listed below.

Medical/Dental ProgramsCourse Duration
MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery)4.5 years
 BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery)4 years
 B.Pharma (Bachelor of Pharmacy)4 years
 B.Sc Nursing3 years
 BPT (Physiotherapy)3 years
 BOT (Occupational Therapy)3 years
 BHMS (Homeopathy Medicine)3 years
 BUMS (Unani Medicine)5 years
 Optometry2 years
 Ophthalmic Assistant Medical Course2 years
 Histopathological Lab Technology1 year
BAMS (Ayurvedic, Siddha Medicine)4 years
 D.Pharma (Ayurvedic, Siddha Medicine)1 year
 Lab Technicians1 year
 Sanitary Inspector Medical course1 year
 General Nursing Training Medical course3.5 years
 Orthopaedist Medical course2 years
 Dental Mechanic Medical course2 years
 Dental Hygienist Medical course2 years
 Bachelor of Occupational therapy3 years
 Radiological Assistant1 year
 Radiography [Diagnosis & Therapy]2 years
 Nuclear Medicine Technology2 years

Eligibility for Medical Entrance Exams

  • 10+2
  • any degree

After the completion of the 10+2 standard examination, one can either pursue BDM, BDS,, BHMS or after the completion of graduation in the Medical stream. In India, various National & State Level Medical Entrance Exams are organized every year for the admissions into Medical/Dental undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Medical Entrance Exams are also conducted in University levels to provide the admissions into various law courses in universities.

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